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“I decided to do a training course in Adobe Illustrator to improve my almost non-existent skills using the software, and I'm really glad I did. The training I received during the two-day course at Creative Studios, was in-depth and gave me a thorough grounding in understanding how to use Adobe Illustrator proficiently. Mark was very helpful and explained each step and tool carefully.”

Marketing Manager


“Mark is an excellent tutor. I have Come away with a much better understanding of how to use the program which will help a great deal moving forward. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get started with illustrator !!! Thanks again Mark !! ”



“Mark is an excellent teacher - the course gave me a good insight into the tools in Illustrator. He went at a steady pace. I will definitely be looking at enrolling on to some of the other courses in the near future.”


Course curriculum

  1. 01
  2. 03
    • Basic shapes, layering & Isolation mode

    • Aligning and grouping

    • Rotating

  3. 04
    • Transparency and colour modes

    • Solid colours and colour groups

    • Gradient swatches

    • Pattern swatches

  4. 05
    • Pathfinder

    • Outlining strokes

    • Pen Tool introduction

    • Pen Tool template excersise

    • Snowflake excersise

  5. 06
    • Symbols introduction

    • Symbol sprayer

  6. 07
    • Brushes introduction

    • Loading and creating new brushes

    • Pattern brushes

  7. 08
    • Image trace

    • Live Paint Bucket

  8. 09
    • Adding and editing artboards

    • Adding guides

  9. 10
    • Area and point text

    • Text on a path and in bespoke areas

    • Touch type and outlined text

    • Combining images with text

  10. 11
    • Creating PDFs

    • indesign-galleries-multistate-objects

    • Creating PDF form fields

  11. 12
    • Gradient mesh

Your Instructor

Mark has been an Adobe software trainer for 18 years now and previously to that worked as a Graphic Designer for 6 years. Mark has a huge amount of experience training individuals and groups at all levels, from small freelance companies up to multinational companies. Creative Studios Derby Ltd is the East Midlands largest and most experienced Adobe training studio. Mark specialises in teaching software from the Adobe Creative Suite, this includes Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. He has also helped hundreds of small businesses to realise the potential of affordable Adobe software to help promote and raise the profile of their businesses. Feel free to contact Mark directly for any bespoke onsite or group training course requirements.

Mark Williams

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